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Minuterie metalliche di fusione in gomma

Servizio di galvanizzatura

Since the beginning of September 2010 we have close working relationships with a galvanic which specializes on our products.
We are therefore able to serve our readers with the most traditional plated finishes:
Gold, nickel, even on a free (PD);
Brass, copper, silver and antique polished finish.

Costume jewelry

We produce articles of different sizes, weights and complexity for all uses in costume jewellery

pendants, caps, spacers, tubes


Per la realizzazione di cinture, borse, scarpe e capi di abbigliamento, realizziamo articoli di ottima fattura

borchie, fibbie, passanti, puntali


We produce articles for the religious world, and for the next assembly, both finished with enamels or stickers

croci, crociere, pendenti, quadretti


Realizziamo una serie di prodotti promozionali secondo le esigenze del cliente, mentre altri articoli sono di produzione standard

adesivi, spillini, tiretti, vario

Welcome to our farm

In our website, you can find answers to your needs: We will explain how we work and an example of our products. You have a possibility to download an excerpt of our catalog, assess quality our products and finally, if you have met, you can contact us or reach us to start a profiqual collaboration work.

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